Accept Credit Cards Without The Fees
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Zero Fee Processing Solutions

With ReversePAY Zero Fee Processing your business has the best solution to accept credit cards online, onsite, or on-the-go with little to no fees.  Credit card processing is essential to your business, but doesn't need to hurt your bottom line. Our program will offset most processing fees providing a zero fee processing solution.

Keep All Revenue
With ReversePAY zero fee processing you are able to pass through all fees and keep all of your revenue. This will immediately add to your overall profit. This is a NO-BRAINER!

Accept Cards Your Way 
We offer many PCI compliant payment gateways to cater to your business.  We'll consult you on the best options.  Now you can accept payments through a virtual terminal, online, wireless, or traditional swipe.

Simple Setup 
Get started in less then 5 days!  After a 5 minute application and selecting your choice of payment gateway, your dedicated account rep will walk you through every step of the way.

Who Else Is Already Using Zero Fee Credit Card Processing?

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Utility Companies 
Utility companies use the convenience fee surcharge for customers that choose to pay over the phone or online with a credit card.  This has reduce their processing fees to almost nothing.

Gas Station credit card processing

Gas Stations 
Gas stations have been using a "Cash Discount" program for quite some time which utilizes the same idea as ReversePAY. Gas stations have been charging up to 10 cents per gallon when using credit.

Retail credit card transaction

Retail Stores 
Convenient stores, botiques, department stores, pharmacies, and many brick & mortar stores can save thousands annually by cutting out their credit card processing expense completely.

Debit card transaction at nightclub

Bars & Nightclubs 
Credit card processing rates are thru the roof for these establishments. By utilizing ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING, bars & nightclubs keep thousands in their pocket.

Car dealer credit card processing

Auto Dealers & Services 
Dealerships have avoided accepting credit cards because it puts a dent in profit. Now there's a solution that does not effect that. Auto shops, Tow Companies, Body shops, Repair Shops all have a chance to save big now.

Pay attorney with credit cards

Legal & Professional Services 
Many attorneys spend time chasing down clients for payments. With ReversePAY you now send invoices online or accept retainers securely without the fees & headache. Accountants, Financial, and Consulting Services can also utilize this.

Healthcare credit card payment

Healthcare & Wellness Services 
Healthcare practices are fighting for reimbursements and accepting credit cards hurt revenue even more. Now collect co-pays, DME purchases, and treatment payments without the credit card bill. Also great for Chiropractors, Cosmetic Services, and Wellness Services.

Rent by credit card processing

Property Payments 
Accept rental payments with our custom Property Management dashboard designed to make accepting rent and deposits easy. Did we mention without the high credit processing fees?


Changing Laws
As part of a 2010 Dodd-Frank Act within the Durbin Amendment, it states that business owners have the right, under federal court settlement to pass through credit card fees up to 4% on credit card sales to customers.  This has allowed us to customize a special zero fee credit card processing solution to offset all credit card processing rates.

ReversePAY Process  
With new laws leveling the playing field, we are now able to integrate and reverse the processing charges to the card holder.  Our processing partners has provided a streamline way to automatically collect these fees through the processing terminal of your choice at the point-of-sale.  Take advantage of zero fee processing while you run your business as usual!

Instant Increase 

If you are merchant processing credit cards now, you know that these fees decreases your bottom line.  No business likes seeing those credit card statements every month.  By reducing or completely eliminating these credit card processing fees with zero fee processing, you INSTANTLY BOOST YOUR PROFITABILITY.
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First Class Customer Service

Trust Us To Process  
Many credit card processing companies forget the most important factor in this is...YOU.  Our first class support team is here to answer any questions you may have and resolve any issues that may arise from processing with us. From our technicians to sales to your dedicated account rep, we're here and happy to help.
  • Response Time Counts: Fast Approvals & Resolutions
  • Expert Advice: Answers About Your Account & Payment Gateways
  • Advance Technology: Multiple PCI Compliant Gateways & APIs

We love talking to our customers, so when you call you'll talk to a real person...that's a plus in our book!

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