Cash Discount Program Option

As part of our mission to eliminate processing fees for merchants we needed to develop a program that suits every business in every state.  This zero fee processing solution is a Cash Discount Program which allows businesses to collect 100% of their revenue by passing thru a non-cash price (typically 3.5%-4% higher then cash price) to customers paying with credit or debit cards.  This fee is collected through a compliant software seamlessly integrated with the credit card processing terminal.  The Cash Discount Program was designed to help business owners offset their processing cost completely and create an incentive to pay with cash.  The non-cash fees collected are then used to combat processing and interchange expenses.  Our Cash Discount Program is one of the only programs that do not charge flat admin fees such as PCI Compliance, Monthly Service, Statement, Debit Access, or interchange pass thru fees.

While some credit card processing companies suggest they offer a zero fee processing solution through their own version of a Cash Discount Program we suggest you find out what flat monthly fees they actually charge.  These companies may label their flat rate pricing anywhere from 99$-$150 and call them membership fees, program fees, software fees, or service fees.  ReversePAY has no intention on charging those nonsense fees.  Our Cash Discount Program is one of the only TRUE ZERO FEE PROGRAMS.

Cash Discount Program

Is a Cash Discount Program right for your business?

This program is right businesses tired of paying to get paid.  It is a fact that small businesses change an average of 6 different processors in the lifetime of their business.  If you are tired of jumping from processor to processor trying to save money on credit card processing then ReversePAY is a solid solution to eliminating processing fees.

We feel that this type of program should have been available to businesses a long time ago.  With the margins in many businesses being squeezed, it’s imperative that you as a business owner have the right to use a solution like ours to offset the cost of credit card acceptance.  The changes in laws and regulations are now allowing businesses to use a payment solution like ours to combat processing fees and smart businesses are taking advantage of this to boost their bottom line.

How much money do you waste every month on processing fees? or even annually?

Now take that and multiply it by the number of years you have been in business.  Most business waste an average of $50,000 in processing fees over 5 years.  Over a 10 year span that’s over $100,000.

Could you use that for something else in your business or personal life?

So ask yourself…is that type of wasted expense worth taking a shot at eliminating the fees completely?

How does the Cash Program Actually work?

There’s not much you have to do different other then putting up the right signage to give notice to your customers that you are introducing a cash discount payment policy. Our special software seamlessly adds the non-cash fee at the time of purchase directly through our zero fee terminal. If a customers decides to use a credit card for their purchased then the additional non cash discount fee will will be added directly to the transaction and reflect that on the receipt.  Let’s take a sample transaction:

A customer want to make a purchase for $20 and decides to use cash.  You do nothing and accept the cash like normal.

Now if the customer decides they want to use a credit card for a $20 purchase then at the time of purchase you would swipe their card and our terminal would add an additional 3.5% (you can choose to higher that up to 4% if you wish) to the total which would be $20.70.   Fees are collected daily to completely offset all your processing cost.  This provides the most advance zero fee processing program.

With this program it doesn’t matter how much you process.  The more you process the more you save!

Below is some of the verbiage used when implementing the program.

One of our local agents can walk you through getting setup.  We have a eAPP system that takes less then 5 minutes to complete. We can have you up and running within 5 business days.  If you are like most businesses then stop putting a dent in your profit margins. We are here to help you minimize your processing fees.

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