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What is zero fee processing?


What is Zero Fee Processing? Zero Fee Processing is a new evolution in merchant services.  The term is is exactly what it states.  Many merchant service companies try to mimic our program, but most fail.  Although they tout that they offer Zero Fees, they still charge additional monthly fees.  Our program does not.  When dealing with a so-called zero fee processing program there are things you should ask to ensure you get true ZERO FEE PROCESSING. Here are some questions you should ask: Are there any additionally monthly fees such as monthly statement fees, admin fees, pass-thru fees, access fees, […]

Cash Discount Program Eliminates Fees

Cash Discount Program Option As part of our mission to eliminate processing fees for merchants we needed to develop a program that suits every business in every state.  This zero fee processing solution is a Cash Discount Program which allows businesses to collect 100% of their revenue by passing thru a non-cash price (typically 3.5%-4% higher then cash price) to customers paying with credit or debit cards.  This fee is collected through a compliant software seamlessly integrated with the credit card processing terminal.  The Cash Discount Program was designed to help business owners offset their processing cost completely and create […]

Reverse Fee Processing Saves Merchants Thousands

by Cashtech314
Reverse Fee Processing Most businesses haven’t heard much about REVERSE FEE PROCESSING or ZERO FEE PROCESSING.  It’s probably because your current processing company is not informing you on how reverse fee processing can help your business save a lot of money. Reverse fee processing will save your business 90% or more.  Changes in the processing industry allows merchants to reverses the fees to the consumer. This eliminates most of the processing fees.  This is considered a surcharge fee and permissible in 40 states (See Here).  ReversePAY Processing is at the forefront of this evolution. We offer several unique services that […]