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Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses of All Types

If you are in business then we can help.  Our credit card processing for small businesses expands across retailers, restaurants, service professionals, legal, healthcare, auto dealers & services, eCommerce, rental companies, property management, construction, consultants, and many more industries. ReversePAY is here to CHANGE THE PROCESS of how businesses accept payments by not just lowering fees, but by eliminating them completely.  If you need to process payments then you qualify for our ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING.

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Credit Card Processing for retail

Retailers & Brick & Mortar businesses are prime candidates for our ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING, because net margins are much smaller compared to other industries.  If you are this type of business then you know that overhead cost, labor, and inventory slims down your margins significantly.  With net profits sitting around 20% on the high end eliminating your processing fees can add up to 10% directly to your bottom line. 

These types of businesses include convenient stores, liquor stores, restaurants, merchandise stores, salons, department & grocery stores, gas stations...just about any business that does business from a store front.  Imagine adding up to 10% to your profit margins instantly by changing the way you accept payments.  Download General Flyer Below

Lawyer payments

How many times have you denied payment, because you don't want to pay those credit card processing fees?  From our experience we have learned that some law firms refuse to accept credit cards, because they simply do not want to pay the fees. But how many times have had to chase clients down to pay balances or retainers?  You can eliminate those headaches and now accept credit card payments without the worry of having to pay thousands in merchant processing fees.  We will make sure your account is setup to separate earned fees and retainer fees placed in a trust account to ensure compliance.  All our processing platforms are also PCI compliant and abide by all federal regulations.

With clients in dire need of your legal services you'll have no problems implementing a small surcharge fee for your services.  This will pass through all processing fees allowing you to accept payment from clients immediately.  Let us be your trusted partner in the processing business.  We'll customize a plan that works for your firm and minimize all fees as much as possible. Download Legal Flyer Below

Auto dealer payment processing

Whether you are a dealership, auto shop, car rental, or tow company we understand that a large majority of your business accepts credit card payments and those fees are putting a large dent in profit margins.  For dealerships you can implement our ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING in multiple departments such as; sales, service, and parts.  Now you can accept down payments for car sales, make full profit on parts, and minimize fees in your service department.  For auto shops this can boost profit margins on repairs immediately.  With tow companies you can collect payments onsite with a wireless credit card terminal and not have to worry about the fees or going back to the shop.

Whatever type of auto service you provide this is a no-brainer program.  The auto industry waste thousands of dollars everyday on processing credit cards and ReversePAY is here to CHANGE THE PROCESS and eliminate those fees. Download Auto Service Flyer or Tow Flyer Below

Physician credit card processing

The healthcare environment has minimize reimbursements and practice revenues narrowing profit margins.  Your practice can instantly put money back into your practice with our ZERO FEE CARD PROCESSING.  This PCI compliant program allows you to accept payments for co-pays, procedures, DME Purchases, and treatments without paying those high credit card fees.  ReversePAY can set your practice up with a virtual terminal or regular credit card machine that integrates a convenience surcharge seamlessly to offset all processing fees.

We understand you are always looking for a way to enhance practice revenues, that's why this zero fee processing program is perfect for instantly putting money back in your pocket. Download Healthcare Flyer Below

Low credit card processing

Service contractors provide home owners and businesses with a much needed service.  So why should you give up part of your profits for the labor you provide? The perfect solution for service contractors is our wireless VX680 credit card terminal that will be able to accept deposits, down payments, and final payments right at the job site.  We integrate our ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PROCESSING and you have a great solution to collect payments with the cost.

What type of service do you provide...Plumbing, HVAC, Construction, Restoration, Landscaping, Roofing, or Repairs?  It doesn't matter if you want to make a smart business decision then ReversPAY is here to provide a solution at the lowest cost if any.  Download Service Contract Flyer Below

Rent Payments by Credit Cards
Property Payments & Rentals

Collect payments on-time, every time.  Without the fees.  Collect residential and commercial rent with convenience.  You can now setup recurring payments with ZERO FEE Credit Card Processing.  Make it convenient for tenants to make payments and have a all-in-one dashboard to track payment date and customers.  Use our user friendly virtual dashboard to setup tenants and create a customer payment portal that accepts credit card payments with ease.

This system can also be used for marinas, parking garages, storage facilities, recurring businesses, memberships, and subscription type services.  It's time to Change The Process and accept credit cards without the fees. Download Flyer Below

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